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ARKADIA Laura Irmler

Laura Irmler ist Co-Autorin des Bestsellers „The WealthTECHBook“ – ARKADIA bei Book-Launch in London vertreten

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Am 25.06.2018 hat Laura Irmler zusammen mit zwei Kollegen den offiziellen Book-Launch des Bestsellers „The WealthTECHBook“ in London begleitet. Herausgeber des Buches sind Susanne Chishti und Thomas Puschmann ( Laura ist als Senior Consultant von ARKADIA mit einem Artikel vertreten. Das Buch richtet sich an Investoren, Gründer und Vordenker im globalen Asset & Wealth Management. […]


Dirk Vonden Productivity Tools

Talking Robo – financial intelligence having fun

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In the WealthTech or digital investments space, we have seen quite a few players trying to disrupt parts of the existing value chain by focusing on simpler and lower-price alternatives or through platform-style solutions that include some crowd or social elements. Five major trends The next wave in WealthTech will be defined by the following […]


Bert Hölscher

From claim settlement to claim prevention – How insurance companies can make use of predictive analysis

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Ever since it was the main sense of business for insurance companies to settle claims caused by accident or damage. Big data and predictive analytics have the potential to change this business model by predicting and preventing claims. New technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) offer a complete new approach to the business […]


Christian Habich

White Label vs Hybrid Advisory – Robos’ Strategic Options in a Differentiated Future

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The rise of the Robos in Wealth Advisory seems irresistible – too obvious are advantages in the form of rigorous analysis at disruptively low costs. Recent studies show however, that for more complex investment decisions in dynamic environments, clients still seek human advice. John O’Connell of Macquarie describes this hybrid model as the Robo doing […]


Max Wilbers

Can the combination of WealthTechs and Millennials toss incumbents out of the game?

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Millennials are stated to be the key customer segment for almost every new business model in the Fintech space. WealthTechs are addressing the needs of Millennials and hence are expected to change the investments sector, as we know it, substantially. But are Millennials and WealthTechs really powerful enough to disrupt the whole investments market? Millennials […]