Actions with measurable outcomes

Leaders, Participants, Pacesetters

We don’t talk about our methods or procedures, we produce results with measurable success. This is reflected for you in improved revenue and/or efficiency situations as well as a heavily reduced project risk. The following factors ensure our success:

  • We focus on service providers with many customers.
  • We deal mainly with value-added business functions
  • We don’t just recommend the best solution, we make it a reality – while remaining true to your concept.

Develop ideas, manage change, ensure good results.

You can be sure that we will support you from identifying problems right through to ensuring success. Additionally, we increase efficiency and nurture growth. We work quickly to inspire your staff, bringing them on board to work towards a common goal. In collaborating with us, you won’t be asking „whether“ something will be implemented, but rather „until when?“.

How can we make and keep such promises? We rely on the performance of our employees. With an average of over eight years of industry experience, each employee brings his or her professional and personal experiences to the table. Depending on the situation, we can be active as leaders, participants or pacesetters.

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Consultancy approach


Successful projects are very much the result of goal-oriented and pragmatic action. We implement strategies and transform goals into measurable outcomes, without losing the „human factor“.

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When it comes to optimising a service provider’s value-added functions, we are your ideal partner. Our focus is primarily on marketing, sales, service delivery and customer service.


Consultancy projects


Our task is to optimise your efficiency and earnings situations – or both at the same time. We achieve this by improving customer-oriented processes in highly competitive markets.


The ARKADIA corporate strategy is built on three pillars: Management Consulting, IT-Consulting and Research and Development. Learn more.


We tackle problems together and are right at home advising banks, utility providers, communications providers and insurance companies. Learn more.


Our team of 20 includes managers, experienced consultants and career starters from varying professional backgrounds and with differing areas of expertise. Learn more.