Dynamism on the Market


The energy branch finds itself in a dynamic environment shaped by increasing competition, intensive regulations and the energy revolution. Due to ever-increasing and unabated political intervention, existing insecurities will continue to solidify regarding long-term energy political developments: the required security of investment is no longer available. Additionally, sinking margins in core business activities, increasing expectations from customers and new business models and technologies continue to determine future perspectives for energy providers.

The rate of customer migration continues to rise as the number of overcurrent and regional gas providers increases. The deciding factor for provider choice is still the price. However, it is also apparent that economic solidarity and reliability are gaining in importance. The desire for a „local“ energy provider and the trend of decentralising structures is paving the way towards regional offers. To master these complex challenges, it’s not enough to simply continue on course with minor corrections. It’s time to question the status quo and find new answers.

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